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Uplifting: Business - People - Community

Train the Trainer

Duration: 2 days
Delivery method: ILT Classroom
Audience: Trainers / instructors / teachers
UNIT STD ID : 115413
TITLE : Accommodate audience and context needs in oral communication


“Train the Trainer” is a two-day Programme. Training and creating a learning organization is an essential part of business strategy. Delivering effective training and learning programmes is a skill that can be taught. This is a highly interactive and participative workshop that will help delegates develop skills and confidence to train groups of people helping them to excel in their respective fields. This programme is intended for all people who train in their company.

What this Programme covers

  • The learning environment
  • Writing an instructional objective
  • The structure, design and development of a training initiative
  • Questioning techniques
  • Visual Aids
  • Preparing to deliver
  • Handling the group
  • Increasing participation

This programme will achieve the following competencies

  • Successfully apply the principles of the learning cycle to design and structure a training initiative, with appropriate content and support material
  • Write an instructional objective from an identified need
  • Undertake the required preparation and conduct a training initiative that maximizes the level of learning
  • Encourage learner participation, control group dynamics and adjust to different learning styles to enhance learning.


Creating a learning environment

  • Individual Learning styles
  • The learning cycle and the trainers responsibilities within this

Writing and instructional objective

  • The difference between an aim, an instructional objective and learning objective
  • Why we write instructional objectives
  • The 3 component parts of an instructional objective

Designing and structuring a learning event - introduction

  • Why we have structure and what the structure is
  • The first of the three phases of a learning event

Designing and structuring a learning event - Development

  • Designing the development phase and how to generate ideas for inclusion
  • Prioritizing and staging the information to be included• Selecting appropriate development methods

Questioning Techniques

  • The benefits of asking questions in a learning event
  • How we use teaching and testing questions
  • How to word questions• How to direct questions
  • How to handle answers and question from the learners

Supporting Learning through Visual Aids

  • The types of visual aids and how they help the learner
  • Advantages and disadvantages of visual aids
  • Techniques for preparing visual aids

Preparing to deliver

  • Notes, yourself and the environment

Group Handling

  • How groups change during a learning event and the implications to the trainer
  • Characteristics and personalities of different individuals in a group

Increasing participation

  • What a group exercise is and why we use them
  • How to supervise group activities and manage feedback
  • Other participative methods and what should be considered by using them

Action Planning

  • Practice Sessions – delegates will have prepared a learning module for deliver to the rest of the group
  • Course review