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Registration: Energy Efficiency Label - Facilitator training programme

Thank-you for registering for the free one day South African Energy Efficiency Label Facilitator Training programme.

Energy Efficiency Label

This training is designed to empower key individuals in the retail sector to train sales people, online content developers and merchandising staff within your organisation on how to be legally compliant with the compulsory regulations around the SA Energy Efficiency Label and how to use the label to educate consumers and to sell more efficient appliances to customers. 

Facilitator Programme 

You will be trained as “Official Facilitators” for the SA Energy Efficiency Label and be required to implement this training throughout your organisation with current employees and later with any new employees involved in appliance sales using the free training portal and materials provided to you by the Department of Energy.


The objective is to empower appliance retailers (store based and online) and to complete widespread training by the end of April 2018 so that the consumers coming into stores or visiting portals can be engaged correctly around the label and its benefits.  

Training Dates

Please save these dates in your diary for 2018 Facilitator training – more details will follow.

  • 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 February – Johannesburg
  • 13 / 14 February - Durban
  • 20 / 21 February – Cape Town
  • 27 February – Port Elizabeth

In accordance with compliance - the NRCS (National Regulator for Compulsory Standards) will be notified about organisations which do not attend this training.

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